Why socks are still a unique Father’s Day Gift

Why socks are still a unique Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the Dads in our lives. But finding a unique Father’s Day gift can be tricky. There’s the standard socks and jocks which, let’s be honest, most men always need new socks and undies but where’s the fun in that? Enter Sydney Sock Project and Crate Day. The perfect pair this Father’s Day. 

For the last four years Sydney Sock Project has been transforming an everyday essential (socks!) into a cheerful and fun experience. As an added bonus they are making a difference to Australian communities in need. Partnering with charities to create a positive social impact to disadvantaged communities in the areas of Homelessness, Mental Health, Education and much more. This resonated with the founder of Crate Day, and their relationship started in 2021.   

Crate Day is on a mission to put the FUN back into gift giving for men! Fed up with giving the same old gift cards year after year, Crate Day did the research and found out what men want (what they really really want). It turns out they really love practical items they will actually use - hence why Socks and Jocks have been a winner for so many years. So at Crate Day, to make giving gifts to men just that little bit more fun, all the goodies are sealed shut in a wooden crate and the only way in is with the mini pry bar that comes with the crate. 

The Sydney Sock Project socks are available in two pre curated crates, Today's a Crate Day where you can choose a pair of Sydney Sock Project socks to go with your leather belt, Triumph & Disaster body wash and bath sponge OR Make Everyday a Crate Day where you get four pairs of bright and fun Sydney Sock Project socks, as well as the belt, body wash and bath sponge. By far the most popular sock in the Crate Day crates have been the Beer Socks being added to the Create-A-Crate. This is where you can choose anything you think dad will like as a Father’s Day gift including Australian craft beer, jerky, BBQ spices and of course Sydney Sock Project Socks. 

Look out this Father’s Day for matching socks for kids that will also be available in the Crates - Just not the beer one…obviously ;)

So if you want to make this Father’s Day practical AND fun, head to Crate Day to order your gift crate.

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