As the percentage of homelessness in Australia continues to worsen, we must look at other strategies to ensure this social crisis does not continue to grow. 

As a provider of food, primary healthcare and crisis support to Sydney's homeless and marginalised, the Exodus Foundation strive daily to be an integral part of the solution to homelessness. Providing housing alone is NOT THE SOLUTION. Many homeless people need the support provided by the Exodus Foundation to ensure they remain in accomodation. Approximately 35% will require life-long support.

When support services are combined with social housing, research has shown that up to 90% of homeless people remain off the streets. This may be the solution to Australia's growing homelessness crisis. But it will require a small contribution from everybody's behalf in the form of volunteering, donations and simply spreading awareness in order to overcomes the issue.

The team at the Sydney Sock Project will continuously strive to provide the dis-advantaged community with essential items to help organisations such as the Exodus Foundation continue to do the wonderful work they have been doing for many years.

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