The importance of good socks

The importance of good socks

Although choosing the right sock may seem like an unnecessary task, it is actually one of the most important and potentially damaging pieces of clothing someone can choose. Socks ultimately serve as barrier between the shoes and the feet, but why is the right pair of socks so vital?

A good pair of socks can help absorb some of the pounding suffered by feet and ankles, reduce soreness following physical activities, and prevent foot conditions like calluses, blisters, and fungal infection.

A foot contains approximately 125,000 sweat glands. This is an invitation for unwanted bacteria and other diseases if not treated properly. The importance of high quality socks plays a vital role in preventing such diseases to occur. Materials such as cotton, bamboo and wool aid in the prevention of these occurring but that's not to say the bacteria will accumulate. 

The socks provided at Sydney Sock Project are engineered with high quality material and foot support in order to prevent sweaty and vulnerable feet. Our socks are well designed and ensure a happy foot all year round.

We are often asked, do you donate the same socks you sell to the homeless?
The answer is no. We donate a slightly different pair to the homeless. Our team has designed a sock that is 
durable with features including an anti-bacterial material and reinforced lining in the heel and toe areas. These socks will provide the homeless essential foot comfort and protection throughout the year.

For us Sydney siders, we know that winters in the city can get chilling. But thankfully for the majority of us we have shelters and homes to warm us and keep us out of the dreadful winters. For others, they don't have this luxury....

Let's work together in order to solve this issue and create a united Sydney. Get your pair TODAY and give a pair to those in need. CLICK HERE to see our full range.

A small action equals big changes.

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