Our Story

Sydney Sock Project was founded in 2018 on a desire to make a difference to Australian communities in need. We partner with charities to create a positive social impact to disadvantaged communities.

Our mission is to transform an everyday essential into a cheerful and fun experience.

Our Values

Core values come first for the Sydney Sock Project. We have 4 main values our team is constantly striving to implement on a daily basis.

1. Quality

Amazing quality is a priority for us at the Sydney Sock Project. We use high premium quality cotton material to ensure our socks are durable, soft and comfortable. We have built and maintained a strong relationship with our manufacturers to ensure every pair of socks created is tested for quality and comfort.

2. Design

Sensational designs are what drive our product and ensure our returning customer rate stays high and positive. We have a team of designers working hard at producing impressive and unique designs that won't be easily spotted elsewhere.

3. Partnerships

Our partnership relationships are extremely important to us. Our mission is to combat social issues and finding the right organisations and ambassadors to help us complete this is essential. We are incredibly grateful with our current partners and their ongoing work across the country.

4. Customer Relationship

Our customers are everything to us. They are the reason our mission is alive and ongoing. We strive to provide a fun and exciting customer experience and also ensure they are satisfied with the fulfilment of their orders.

Meet the Founder

Andres Herrero

Back in 2018, Andres read a fact that "the most requested item in homeless shelters are socks". That was when the idea sparked to create trendy socks and give back to the homeless. As the project evolved Andres reached out to other charitable organisations to form partnerships and little by little, Sydney Sock Project became what it is today, an organisation that seeks to combat social issues we're faced with in today's society one pair of socks at a time.

Coming from an engineering background and a long term advocate for social enterprises, Andres now finds himself constantly making strategic partnerships with charitable organisations, and leading a positive minded team that share his values.

Pictured below: Andres volunteering at Thread Together in Botany, Sydney pictured next to the Thread Together Socks.