Save The Bees Australia

Save The Bees Australia

We're pleased to announce our recent partnership with SAVE THE BEES AUSTRALIA, a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees, and raises money to ensure bees in our surrounding communities are saved from pesticides and extermination. 

We all share this issue: NO BEES = NO LIFE.

It is the unfortunate truth that the bee population across the globe is on a steep decline, largely due to the use of pesticides, insecticides, habitat loss and global warming.

If we we're to lose the worlds bee population, there would be a major domino effect throughout our planets ecosystems. A large number of plants are pollinated exclusively by bees which would cause them to die off ultimately altering the composition of their habitats. This would have a major affect on food sources for our animals and insect that rely heavily of those plants for food.

We will be making donations to Save The Bees Australia for every pair of our exlcusive Bee Sock sold. Let's work together and help save our Bee populationfrom becoming extinct. 

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