Winter Sock Donation to The Exodus Foundation

Winter Sock Donation to The Exodus Foundation

June marks the first month of Winter for Australians. For some of us, this can be a beautiful adventurous season but for the less fortunate, it is essential to be prepared to survive cold winter nights across our cities. 

The team at Sydney Sock Project are always eager to ensure a large number of our homeless community members are stocked up with thick warms socks to help get through the cold nights. On the 11th of June, our team went out to The Exodus Foundation facility in Ashfield to drop off 100 pairs of socks to be distributed to their guests.

Socks continue to be the most requested clothing item within homeless shelters since it is a piece of apparel that is rarely recycled and given a second home. Most of us will wear our socks until they're hanging off 1 piece of cotton before we toss them in the bin. Fresh, warm and new socks are highly sought after items for our homeless community and we're immensely grateful to be able to continue these frequent distributions of socks to our charity partners thanks to the support we receive from our customers. 

Thank you to The Exodus Foundation for their ongoing support. We will be back with another donation of socks in July.

Pictured below: Sydney Sock Project Founder Andres Herrero with Rev. Bill Crews, Founder of The Exodus Foundation.

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