Brungle Primary School Sponsorship UPDATE

Brungle Primary School Sponsorship UPDATE

It has been almost one whole year since we partnered with Books in Homes Australia to support disadvantaged primary school children through supplying them with essential educational supplies.

Brungle Primary School is located in a village community in the central east part of the Riverina region, New South Wales and has a population of just 112 residents.

Since our partnership commenced in August 2019 we have supplied 9 children with a complete years worth of educational supplies. Each child through this sponsorship has been provided the following items:

- 9 personalised Book Labels
- 3 sturdy waterproof Book Bags
- Access to 144 book titles donated to the school library
- Extra books and certificates throughout the year

We are incredibly excited to visit Brungle Primary in the near future and take part in the book giving ceremony run by Books in Homes Australia. Our sponsorship with Brungle Primary will remain strong and we will strive to continuously provide the children with these essential educational supplies.

See below photos taken of Brungle Primary School students with books provided by the sponsorship:

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