Sock Donations August 2019

Sock Donations August 2019

Homelessness across Australia is increasing at an alarming rate. Census data showed that in five recent years the rate of homelessness increased 8% from 89,728 to 105,237 representing approximately 50 homeless people per 10,000. Having access to a secure household and basic necessities is a fundamental human right for every Australian.

Today during our visit to the Exodus Foundation we had the opportunity to donate one of the most requested clothing items within the homeless community. 75 pairs of long lasting, durable socks will be distributed across Sydney's homeless community thanks to the amazing team at the Exodus Foundation. We are truly appreciative of the work they put in every day to supply essential items, meals and medical assistance to any member of the community that steps through their doors.

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful customers who purchased a pair of socks and chose to put their donation towards assisting the less fortunate members of Australia's community. A small action leads to big change.

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