Today marks a very special day for the Sydney Sock Project as the team have successfully donated 750 pairs of socks to the homeless community in Australia in just over one year. 

Up until today, socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters and being able to constantly provide long-lasting, durable socks has been the primary mission of the Sydney Sock Project. 

Founders Blake and Andres made the visit early on Thursday morning to meet with Reverend Bill Crews and donate 150 pairs of socks. They we're met with a beaming Christmas spirit from all staff members and had to opportunity to view the Christmas hampers that will be going out to over 700 members of the homeless community in Sydney.

The team at the Sydney Sock Project will continue to work hard in order to provide the less fortunate members of our community with essential items.

Pictured below: Founders Blake and Andres stand with Rev Bill Crews at the Exodus Foundation making the donation.


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