The team at Sydney Sock Project are incredibly grateful for all the support and purchases made during the Christmas and New Years period. We have currently sold over 500 PAIRS OF SOCKS since October 2018 and counting.

We would like to thank the Exodus Foundation for their constant support and welcoming hearts. Today we had the opportunity to donate another 250 pairs of socks to their organisation. 

What do the Exodus Foundation do?

Recognised as a leading front-line charity, The Exodus Foundation meets the needs of Sydney’s poor and homeless by connecting each guest with the professional services they need to break their cycle of poverty.

The Exodus Foundation provides free meals to the needy every day of the year, and counselling and outreach services to guide their futures.

Food parcels are distributed to disadvantaged families and our health professionals deliver primary healthcare.

Thousands of homeless people rely on The Exodus Foundation each year and the community trust us to make their futures better.


We will be visiting shortly.

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