Homelessness growing worse in Australia

Homelessness growing worse in Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said 116,000 people were homeless on census night in 2016, representing 50 homeless people per 10,000. 

Homeless people include those sleeping on the streets, in cars, at crisis centres and in overcrowded accommodation. The statistics also showed people aged between 20 to 30 made up a quarter of all homeless.

About 8,200 people across Australia will be sleeping on the streets tonight, not including those in crisis accommodation or sleeping in cars or elsewhere. The figures indicate that more people are sleeping on couches, have uncertain tenure in housing centres and are quadrupled up in severe overcrowded houses.

More needs to be done to increase affordable social housing and the cost of rent, food and other necessities across this country just doesn't add up

In the City of Sydney (ABS data is divided up by local government area), the number of people who were homeless on census night increased by almost 70 percent.


.Homelessness in Sydney

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