Brungle Public School Visit

Brungle Public School Visit

Brungle Public School would love to thank the Sydney Sock Project's Andres Herrero and Jake Hopkins for joining us in our Book Giving Assembly here at our little country school. Our Role Model, Aunty Sue Bulger, also attended and we were all thrilled to finally meet our generous Sponsor. Students were eager to read some of their favourite books and talk about the characters that have filled their imaginations for the previous term. All children and their families are extremely thankful for such precious gifts that they can treasure time and time again as they re-read their favourite tales or journey into fact-finding adventures with the non-fiction selection. 

Everyone was very curious to hear about Andres' journey to create such a wonderful company that gives back to the community. The students had many questions and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the creative process behind the sock designs and the manufacturing process. I'm sure he has inspired some of our students to follow their dreams! The children also certainly appreciated the extra surprises that were donated to our classrooms for next year.

Our special visitors were then treated to a tour of our school grounds, which house many natural features and artifacts from the local Wiradjuri Nation. Students proudly described what plants were important to the survival of the local Indigenous population, and Andres and Jake were amazed at the collection of artifacts used by our local men and women and their ancestors. The discussion continued around important native animal species, many of which are still here today.

Thank you again to all the staff at Books in Homes and to the Sydney Sock Project for helping us support the young people of our community to embrace reading and develop a love of books. We are truly appreciative of the partnerships that have developed as a result and we can't wait to be in contact again next year.

Merry Christmas from the team at Sydney Sock Project!


Top: Andres Herrero (Founder) and Jake Hopkins from the Sydney Sock Project, Role Model Aunty Sue Bulger with the staff of Brungle Public School (seated) and the students (on mat) at the Term 4, 2020 Book Giving Assembly.
Bottom: Andres Herrero, Jake Hopkins and student.

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