Bondi Markets Pop-up Store

Bondi Markets Pop-up Store

As part of the strategy to spread our brands mission of improving the lives of those less fortunate in the Australian community, we hold a number of pop up stores in different areas across Sydney. Providing a great way to meet with local community members, the Sydney Sock Project team set up a store on the 4th of August at Bondi Beach Markets.

The community feedback received highlighted a growing trend of collaboration and positivity with an increasing number of support for our three major target social initiatives being Homelessness through the Exodus Foundation, Mental Health through R U OK?, Child Education through our new partner Books in Homes Australia as well as our special Bee sock in collaboration with the Wheen Bee Foundation supporting Honey Bee Conservation.

The final figures for the day saw a total of 68 pairs of socks purchased with donations as follows:

-        27 supporting Mental Health;

-        18 supporting Homelessness;

-        17 supporting Education;

-        6 supporting Bee Conservation;

Thank you to everyone who passed through for the day to engage with our brand and share in our vision for the future. The new Sydney Sock Project range is now live on the website with 18 new playfully designed business, casual and gym socks. Which style and cause will you choose?

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