Supporting the Homeless During A Crisis

Supporting the Homeless During A Crisis

The last few months has been nothing short of devastation across the globe as news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic seems to worsen by the day. It has had major impacts for many Australians, taking away stable jobs and not having a clear picture of when things will return to normal. 

Our homeless community are currently one of the most vulnerable during this crisis. Not having a secure household to stay within puts the homeless community at risk of contracting the virus. Our partners at The Exodus Foundation are working endlessly to ensure this community are still fed on a daily basis and that their needs are met whether it is ensuring they have sanitary supplies, food items and suitable clean clothing to best tackle the upcoming uncertain times. 

Sydney Sock Project are continuously working closely with The Exodus Foundation to ensure they are assisted with whatever needs they require. This week Sydney Sock Project had the opportunity to donate 100 PAIRS OF SOCKS and over 100 FOOD AND SANITARY ITEMS to The Exodus Foundation. The team reached out to the local community and asked if members would like to donate whatever food supplies they could spare and the result was outstanding with many long live food items donated.


A big THANK YOU to all our amazing supporters that made purchases and chose to support the homeless community. Your purchase has gone a long way and will make a difference to someone in need during these uncertain times.

Pictured below, Rev. Bill Crews holding a bunch of socks that will be distributed to the community.



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