Bee Sock Sydney Sock Project
Bee Sock Sydney Sock Project
Bee Sock Sydney Sock Project
Bee Sock Sydney Sock Project

Bee Sock

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Save the Bees Australia are a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees, and raises money to ensure bees in our surrounding communities are saved from extermination.

Material: 80% Cotton; 17% Polyester; 3% Spandex

One Size: US 7-12

By purchasing the Bee Sock, 10% of proceeds will be donated to this foundation.


More about Save The Bees Australia:

There are over 1500 species of indigenous bees in Australia and many are yet to be discovered. Some species are likely to go extinct because of the rate of large land clearing and pesticide use in Australia.
Indigenous bees are more susceptible to pesticides and land clearing than honeybees because the majority of indigenous bee species are solitary and live underground and are endemic to specific areas.
So devastating is the effect of the pesticide neonicotinoids in Australia that areas that once homed indigenous bees are now GMO crop wastelands with less biodiversity than the desert. So devoid of life these area need honeybees bought in to pollinate the crops because the pesticide have killed the natural pollinators.
Save The Bees Australia are running a successful campaign against neonicotinoids which helped encourage Woolworths, Bunnings and other outlets to stop selling the Bayer product Confidor which is a neonicotinoid.
The organisation have successfully stopped spaying programs targeting mosquitoes that kill all insects including indigenous bees.


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Highest Quality Material

We use ultra-soft combed cotton to stitch together our socks, perfect to keep your feet warm.

Socially Responsible

When you buy a pair of our socks, we make a donation to a charity or non-for-profit partner.

Over 14,000 Happy Customers

Our customer community has provided essential donations across Australia to those in need.

Product Donation

You Buy = We Give

Socks, underwear, educational supplies, medical equipment, wardrobes of new clothing and so much more have been donated to Australian communities in need thanks to our valued customers.

For every item purchased, a donation is made. Because of your support, we've made over 50,000 donations across our many charity and non-for-profit partners.

That's over 50,000 acts of kindness, all thanks to you.

Customer Reviews

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Deirdree W.
Extremely satisfactory

I love bees which is why I bought these socks for my husband.I was a bit dubious when they were advertised as One Size Fits All.
That never applies.
Anyway they fo fit him and he has very big feet and they are comfortable.

Rosie W.
Title is great

My husband loves his bee socks and my son in law loves good and fun socks. His birthday is on the 15th and I know he’ll love them too. As well as the other goodies we’ll give him

Jenny S.
Great gift idea

Bought several pairs of ‘save the bees’socks as Xmas stocking stuffers for male family members. Such a speedy delivery service surprised me. Socks looked great, we’re received well and everyone loved the cause behind the purchase too!

Julie H.
Bee socks

Very happy with design and quality

Ann D.

It arrived so quickly. Love them